Homeschool Health Fair

In October, each year the BSN department, headed by the BSN Program Director, Dana Hunt, hosts the “Homeschool Health Fair.” 2012 marked the sixth time Mercy College of Nursing of SBU has hosted this growing in popularity event.  Services ranged from dental hygiene, nutritional counseling, blood pressure checks, vision checks, to fun with facepainting and the book fair.  The drop in temperatures this year did not detour the guests from attending, with over 114 children in attendance it was another successful year.  It could not have been pulled off without the amazing help of the Mercy College of Nursing of SBU MSN Students, volunteers, faculty, and staff. I want to personally thank each and everyone that helped out and look forward to seeing you next year. Feel free to view the slide show from last years event as well as the commercial to promote our annual event. If you or someone else you know would like to participate please contact the BSN Program Director.

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